Job Stress

Job Stress | Dr. Sanford A. Schwartz, Ph.D New York State Licensed Psychologist | Queens, NY | (718) 969-7771

People spend most of their lives going to work. Unfortunately, in the work place, we may feel that our supervisors are taking advantage of us, being mean to us, and giving us inappropriate things to do that are outside of our job description. We then feel angry, resentful, and this anger and resentment gets carried into our personal lives. Even when we're at home we find ourselves thinking about our frustrations at work. I help people to deal with these issues. I work with my patients to help them to communicate their feelings to their bosses in a respectful yet effective manner. This results in less internal tension and a greater ability to live in the moment. You see, people are either angry at something from the past or are worried about something that could happen in the future. I help my patients to be less angry, less worried, and to be able to enjoy the moment.

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