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Marriage Therapy | Dr. Sanford A. Schwartz, Ph.D New York State Licensed Psychologist | Queens, NY | (718) 969-7771

Dr. Sanford A. Schwartz, Ph.D, New York State Licensed Psychologist, helps couples who are having relationship troubles. I help the couple to understand themselves better and to listen to each other better. I help them to understand why they're angry and to be less angry. When anger is reduced, there is more room for love to grow and for more closeness to be achieved. In essence, people walk into my office being distant from each other, and leave my office feeling closer to each other.

Communication is the key to any relationship. In order to improve communication, you must become a more patient and caring listener. I have found that couples tend to talk at each other rather than listen to each other. I help the couple to relax, to slow down, to focus in better with each other, which leads to a greater sense of caring and togetherness. Partners must be able to rely on each other to function effectively. Dealing with the stresses of work and family becomes too much to handle. I help the couple to work out a plan to reduce these every day stresses.

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